How it works

Register via Square®

Click the “Register” link below and connect your Square® account to the platform.

Get paid

When a customer orders a gift card an order and payment is placed directly into your Square® account.

Get notified

We will notifying you when a Pay-it-Forward gift card has been ordered and how to pay it forward.
Do you use Square® for your business? Register your local restaurant, bar, coffee shop, winery or other small business where customers can share a little kindness.
Click the “Register” button and sign into your Square® account. The Permissions screen will pop-up for the platform. Click “allow” so that can create orders and place payments directly into your account.
Let us know how customers would recognize you by entering your brand name. Make sure you give us an email address so that we can send you notifications of Pay-it-Forward gift cards.
Share on your social media. We’re in this together and rising tides float all boats.
Get Square®
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What does do? serves as a gift card fulfillment platform for Pay-it-Forward programs. Our customers want to help their communities by ordering gift cards from local restaurants and then electing to Pay-it-Forward by offering those gift cards to those in need or on the front lines of this pandemic. We post to social media and our email lists that someone has offered a gift card on a Pay-it-Forward basis at local businesses in your community.

Does the entire gift card amount go to local businesses?
With the exception of credit card processing fees charged by Square® the entire amount of the gift card goes directly into your Square® account. charges the customer a $1 platform service fee in addition to the gift card amount in order to pay for expenses such as servers, hosting, email and SMS costs as well as keeping our team working.

Who manages the Pay-it-Forward portion of the gift card?
Each local restaurant handles the Pay-it-Forward request themselves. and our customers want local business to survive and succeed in this environment. We believe that is best accomplished by restaurants running their own business and us helping to keep them working. We’re in this together.